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黑點致力成為一個攝影的公共平台,連接著不同藝術家、有抱負的攝影師、其他藝術工作者和廣大市民。 我們支持一群勇於創新、敢於冒險、有遠大志向的香港年輕攝影師。黑點能為他們的事業發展提供多元化的交流機會和攝影器材。 由於全球一體化的關係,黑點大力推廣本地攝影師和他們的作品到世界的舞台上。透過不同合作計劃,我們希望跟外國攝影師進行更多藝術和文化的交流。 The Photocrafters endeavors to be a plat­form for pho­to­graphy, con­necting the dots among pro­fes­sional artists, aspiring pho­to­graphers, other industry prac­ti­tioners and the gen­eral public. We sup­port innov­ative, adven­turous yet emer­ging pho­to­graphers across Hong Kong. Networking oppor­tun­ities with pro­fes­sionals and abundant studio resources are avail­able for their career advancement. Living in the glob­al­ized world, The Photocrafters encour­ages the delivery of local pho­to­graphers and their art­works onto the world stage. We exchange aes­thetic ideas and pro­mote cul­tural under­standing through col­lab­or­a­tion pro­jects with over­seas photographers.