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I take this project as an opportunity to experience the usual routine in my city. As an artist myself, I do not normally work under a systematic structure, instead I plan my working schedule and days off. However, lives happen in the society are rather analytical, efficient and standardized. People who are employed normally take lunch break at the same period of time, they share the same length of bank holidays and long working hours from 9am-6pm basically. At the end of the day, they drag their tiring body home for a next morning of work.

I am fascinating to find out how it feels when I have to follow a fixed plan daily, and so I get my large format camera with me at 13:45 every single day at the spot where I have chosen to capture a group of pedestrians, who are waiting to across the road. The time is a signal for those workmates to return to their office and continue their second half duties. What interests me is that I also put myself into this regular system; where I spend my days doing the same pictures, 5 days a week except bank holidays for the whole year. I start realize the horror of this unbalanced routine for it dominates our mental force. We accept its endurance, follow a system that we who make it up in the society with no return.


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