Artwork|107 個無人島 107 No Man Islands

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「一人有一個夢想」,本地藝術家尹子聰細個嗰陣就成日想去荒島探險架啦。幾年前,佢坐言起行,以獨木舟尋訪咗107個香港嘅荒島,拍攝鮮為人知嘅島嶼並以銀鹽技術沖印,拼成一幅30米嘅長卷,邀請大家同遊香港不同角落。《107 個無人島》呢組作品而家已被香港藝術館收藏。你嘅夢想又係咩呢?
💭Getting to live with his childhood dream, local artist Simon Wan went on an adventure to 107 uninhabited islands around Hong Kong by canoe, documenting places people have already forgotten. He shares the glimpse of these islands with us through a 30-metre long roll silver print. This inspiring project is now under the proud ownership of the Hong Kong Museum of Art. So what’s your dream?
107 個無人島 | 2015-2016 | 尹子聰 | 銀鹽紙基、錄像 | 香港藝術館藏品 | 尹子聰先生捐贈 | 107 No Man Islands | 2015-2016 | Wan Chi Chung, Simon | Gelatin silver print, video | Collection of Hong Kong Museum of Art | Donated by Wan Chi Chung, Simon

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