Artwork|Over The Horizon

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Simon’s 30 meters long print isn’t so interesting to look at; combined by 126 individual frames they are of some kind of view, mostly from the top of some mountain. The roll was beautifully done with the usual Simon’s quality, which means hand printed on fabric base photo paper. He first spend weeks doing every single 126 frame test print , than a 30 hours alone in the darkroom exposure the roll, follow with processing , washing , drying so on and so on .

Sometime ago ,Simon’s relationship come to an end, in the following half a year , when his son wasn’t with him, he would climb a mountain with his big and heavy large format camera and take a photo to the direction where he was located. In fact, Simon was photographic the same thing, which was him over the horizon.

People deal with plan in many different ways. Simon uses his camera, in a way his photo was only a by- product. It was the cold, wind, rain and darkness up the mountain, the endless hours and countless steps in the darkroom. This roll is no beautiful landscape or stocking images. What we can see is pain, sadness and loneliness; it was the tear of a man.


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