INTERVIEW 訪問|Hong Kong artist Simon Wan to climb Mt Snowdon in Wales 100 times

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My Snowdon Project on China Daily, many thing happened and I could only climb snowdon 50 times. I was thinking about this project is about the fate of British – Chinese , especially for those who left Hong Kong in searching for a new life in UK in the 60s to 80s. So I decided to climb a mountain here back home in Hong Kong 50 times , as a mirror to each other. This mountain would be ” Lion Rock”.

Thank you for the 100 people who ” sponsored ” me on each of my climb. As promised you will have one of my summit photo. But do give me sometime since I am still climbing Lion Rock !

Now planning to exhibit the work , possibly both in Hong Kong and UK.

Chinese photographer and artist Simon Wan completed 50 ascents of Mount Snowdon

In just 22 days, Chinese #photographer and artist Simon Wan completed 50 ascents of #Mount Snowdon, the highest mountain in #England and Wales. The pictures Wan took on each climb will form part of a photographic exhibition. He is now attempting 50 ascents of Lion Rock in Hong Kong as part of the project.

China Daily 發佈於 2018年6月24日星期日

 China Daily 歐洲版


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